Where the journey begins….

You are probably wondering what a group of Romanians, Hungarians, Greeks and Lithuanians are doing in Sacueni! We all came with different experiences, expectations and fears, but that didn’t stop us from “bonding”. A couple of energizers, like Mazinga and the tail-game, helped us break the ice and open our eyes. Then, we presented ourselves with a match (of all things). We even made cockades out of jars’ lids. Our first upcycling project!



After that we were introduced into the world of Erasmus+, through a presentation.


The lunch was a pleasant surprise, for many of us it was our first contact with the local cuisine. Then, we did some voluntary work. We cleaned Sacueni and felt like true members of the town. It was quite sad though to see that this generation is not environmental conscious.

In the afternoon, we had our daily evaluation and began our diaries, in order to complete our Youthpass. Keeping a diary can be very challenging, we had to squeeze our minds to come up with ideas.


The intercultural night was without doubt the highlight of the day. We tried each country food, sweets and drinks and danced…a lot!!! It was a long night and waking up was challenging for us, but it was totally worth it.

Our thoughts for the first day: great people, good atmosphere, adrenaline rush and a perfect start!!!!



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