Share the experience and learn from others

Lithuania, Greece, Romania and Hungary, those are the countries which are participating in 7 days project about upcycling “Do not be idle, upcycle!”. Yesterday was day 2 of the project with a lot new ideas about recycling in Europe, brainstorming, learning to make a perfect shot of a product and getting to know other cultures with songs and dances.

One of our morning workshops was writing suggestions on what can be done to increase recycling.

We were separated in 4 teams. Each team got on of the following topics: what can the individual, city, government and European Union do. After collecting material and generating thoughts for possible actions, each group created a presentations in it’s own unique way: paintings, posters, PowerPoint and speeches. All groups also created a slogan and illustrated it.

And the other slogans were: Treat your environment like your own home; Recycle! It’s easier than riding a bike; Be clean, go green.

During the second part of the day, we learned about the perfect photo and how to take one. Now we know how the brain reacts to certain angles, lightning and composition. Below you can see a good example and a bad example of pictures (take notice on the shading, edges, colours and object placement).

Later we put our new knowledge in use and made our own pictures, which we discussed and expressed the emotions and the signals that they send us. Evening was much funnier – we learned some national dances and some fast pace and tiring dances. Hungarians showed and taught us a couple of really fast paced dances, after that everyone was really tired. But we are tough and no dance can defeat us, so we continued a party with a Greek dances. After that Romanian youth showed some national dances too.

Lithuanians transformed the evening into the karaoke night and made everyone sing in Lithuanian. We played some games and finished an evening with a dances and learning about other cultures even deeper.

That’s all for a day 2 of the project. It was a really tiring and productive day. We learned a lot about ecology, upcycling, photo shooting and learned some new songs and dances. During these 2 days we already learned a lot and then you think that we have many more days of the project – it looks very exciting!


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