Focus with photographs when words are unclear!

Sunday was the second day of our participation in the “Do not be idle, upcycle!” project in Sacueni, Romania. We started our day with  pretty tasty breakfast along with some energizing games. The official part of the days program began with the presentation of the participating countries’ national policies concerning recycling/upcycling practices. Watching the presentations gave us the opportunity to get an insight of the current challenges that every country has to cope with as well as the improvement they have done so far. Afterwards, the participants were formed in four mixed groups who were asked to brainstorm about proposing several ideas to improve environmental policies in a local, national and international level. We were also asked to create an appealing graphic facilitation of the topic along with a catchy slogan promoting cooperation, sharing ideas, developing dialogue and creative thinking.

After lunch, one of the most exciting parts of the day arrived. We are sure everyone knows what we are talking about, yes… of course, it was the photo workshop! Our dear Orsi presented us some samples of “good” and “not so good” thoughts along with some advice in order to help us improve our photography skills. Then, it was time for the practical part! Each of us had to find an ordinary object to take an extraordinary shot appealing enough to sell the object. Later, the photos were collected and evaluated by the participants in order to provide more feedback. At the end of the activity, we completed the daily evaluation session where we use to express our feelings and impressions of every day’s program.

Last but not least, the time we were all looking for, came! Folk night time! Every country had to present and teach a national dance and song giving a taste of their culture to the other participated countries. Warm feelings and collective spirit were created being all in the same circle of dancing, having fun and communicating using no words but body moves. That made us feel that we had an essential and meaningful communication despite of the language barriers between us. We are really excited to be here and we are looking forward to get to know each other’s culture better and collect more unforgettable moments like the ones we have already lived!


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