DIY: glass is not only for vases

For our last workshop, we had to work with glass. We knew about this, so we already had some ideas. And those ideas were really different! Read bellow to find out more.

One of the ideas were glass rings and necklaces. We wanted to expand our fashion collection “Upcycle. Spring – summer 2017!”, so we made some accessories for it. The rings were made from bottle necks and glass dust, and painted with spray paint to give them a fancy look. In addition, we made one of some kind pendants – each of them are unique and beautiful in its own way. Continue reading “DIY: glass is not only for vases”

Wednesday more like ‘Clean the Earth day’

Hello my followers, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote to you, like 23 hours ago… I had an awesome day today and wanted to share the experience with you, readers. The day started at around 7 pm, you see I couldn’t sleep just thinking of the idea that my adventure was about to begin in a few hours.

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Do you need a pencil case or a tissue box? This is your solution!

You have a boring day, lots of plastic bottles, and some of the materials below? Now is the time to make your everyday objects extraordinary!

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DIY: let’s be trendy!

Today we worked with plastic and tried to create something original and upcycled. If you want a beautiful and cute plant pot you will need a bottle, scissors, spray paint and your imagination. Cut the bottle, paint it and make any kind of animal, that you want. In this case we did a cat.


You can make something for your bathroom too – a toothbrush holder. The materials are the same, but also you can use some fabric and paint to decorate it. That’s how you get a colorful and lively home detail, which is useful too.


If you don’t have where to store your money, a plastic wallet with a zipper is a good idea. The materials are the same plus the zipper. Use your imagination and decorate it as you like.


The last idea of ours was the piggy bank. To make a piggy bank we used a 2 litres bottle, spray paint, some markers also paper and bottle caps for additional details. We started by cutting the bottle and painting one part of the bottle. Another part was transparent to see how much money does someone have. It is really practical and fun way to save more money.


In this workshop we realised again that plastic is a very reusable material, from which you can make a lot of different objects, accessories and home decoration stuff. And it’s useful too!

P.S. In addition to our fashion collection “Upcycle. Spring – summer 2017!” we have also made a new and trendy cowboy hat which perfectly goes with our party bag and bracelet.