Footprints everywhere

We think we can proudly say that we made everything we could today, even on the last day of this project, and not only! We left our footprints everywhere we could. And footprint mean now not only the real proof of our steps in Săcueni, but the signs (objects, articles, photos) that we persisted showing to others that it is possible to change their waste management, or to think twice before we throw something away.
We left our eco-footprint in the morning in the city center, third time this week (if we count the waste collections too). Live music, huge excitement, dance flashmob, live eco campaign, lots of kids having fun with our eco-games and learning – we are so proud of what we accomplished!
In the afternoon, during the final evaluation it turned out, thanks to our personal notebooks, to the enlisted daily evaluations, that the prints of our steps led to the success of our development and of the project’s success. And last but  not least, the closing games
we had, the last night’s talks and the farewells showed how many footprints, how many
proofs we left in each others’ heart and mind.
So that was it!

And we were not idle for a second!


About the Glass Day

On the sixth day of the program we felt that it does not matter how many objects we created already, the opportunities given by the wastes and our imagination can’t stop  here. For our last workshop, we had to work with glass. We knew about this, so we already had some ideas. And those ideas were really different! Photo-frame, lava lamp, jewelry collection were only a few things of the many we made during a morning activity. As we noticed anyone can make various things out of glass – not only just a vase, but even jewelry. This workshop proved for us once again that a lot of things can be reused and upcycled into new, original and usable products.

Some free time after the  delicious lunch was just great. We enjoyed the shades of the project site’s courtyard, we were all laying on the grass next to each other like we would be living together for weeks now. We were charging our batteries with solar energy though, because in the afternoon we still needed lots of repetitions for the eco campaign. Some people’s fatigueless work gave endurance to others too. So we just have to sleep one more night until the magic have to happen…